Works are piled up…

Sunday: 2011年 1月 30日, 10:17 AM    

T_T I’ve been sick for a week now and my physician told me that I’ll be needing another week of bed rest. Still, moving of the files are not done yet! >.< But I'm happy to have finished moving my fansite of Shinji Hirako! XD Yay! Please feel free to visit the fansite if you are a big fan of BLEACH and Shinji Hirako. Another thing about the fansite, moving my fansite of Kisuke Urahara may take a while; that’s because I am currently revamping the entire site from its layout design to its contents. I need to change the old layout because it’s very old school… since I made it before I became proficient with Adobe Photoshop. Another moving of the fansite that will be delayed is Hideto Takarai’s (aka HYDE)! LOL. Summer is coming so I will do everything I can during that period.

School is also tiring having a lot of breaks 3 days a week. I am honestly exhausted. XD Seriously? Pumapasok ka lang ng 2 days a week, yet exhausted ka pa sa lagay na yan? LMAO. And to think that our quizzes has been postponed twice! Urgh!

Lastly, I have the bookie! 😀 You can now visit the guestbook and write something about what you think of DC’s network. Make sure to specify which network you’d like to post your comment though. That’s all for today, I guess and that’s it. XD

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M3Con 2009 + meeting devART friends

Saturday: 2009年 11月 21日, 23:10 PM    

Woot! Today was really a total blast. I attended the Mangaholix 3 Convention (a.k.a. M3Con) held at the World Trade Center East Pavilion, Roxas Blvd. Cor. Buendia Ave. Pasay City, Manila. 😀 I actually brought my friend Melanie with me and before we headed at the event, we first stopped at my sister’s house in Taguig City; which actually was also an event – triple birthday celebration! We arrived at he house around 11AM and of course, we took a bite first. We had menudo, fried chicken, spaghetti, adobo and a lot more so Melanie and I were fully charged.

We took a cab from Taguig to World Trade Center… we were kind of nervous because we don’t want to get lost so we walked and finally found ourselves at the place. XD We were standing at the ticket booth when I received an SMS from my dA friend; Ghel so I picked up my phone and called her. I was still talker to her on my phone when I saw her coming out of the door running towards me XD it was actually our first time meeting each other but we hugged as if we’ve known each other for years. It was pretty funny.

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2009 Wrap Ups

Tuesday: 2009年 8月 11日, 07:11 AM    

Today’s PostFirst Things First
For more than a month, I stopped updating Overkill due to personal reasons (school, life, house and whatnots). I’ve been doing my homeworks and projects so I’m really busy at the moment. But I’m planning to add some more pages here this coming semestral break. 😛 I’ll try to make the main pages as neatly as possible and upload them once it’s done. Ne?

Oh yeah.. just randomizing; the Bloodbath category is actually the word I call life. So when you see a Bloodbath category, that means I would also be talking about the happenings outside Overkill.


10 June 2009 | 3:09 PMMove… Move!
I thought it would be easy but it’s more difficult than I ever expected. Moving folders and files from a different host to another is really tiring. I don’t know where to start! T_T I was thinking about moving the fansites I made on GeoCities first before the others but my mind is going so random. >_< My eyes hurts!

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How to Overcome Mental Blocks

Friday: 2009年 4月 3日, 15:31 PM    

by Morton M. Hunt
Ref. Reader’s Digest January 1957 Lewis Nordyke Robert Moses

Have you ever found it impossible to figure out some gadget until someone showed you, then said, “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?” Have you ever found it difficult to make a seemingly ordinary decision? Have you ever forgotten a friend’s name when introducing him at a party?

These things don’t usually happen by chance. All of us, in the tangle of “electric circuits” inside our heads, have millions of bits of information stored away. But sometimes when we have a problem to solve—even a simple one—short circuits prevent the relevant information from getting out. Psychologists call these short circuits “mental blocks.”

The commonest kind of mental block is emotional. Fear, as most of us know, can sometimes blank out all intelligent thought. But even mild apprehension can cause a block. In an experiment, 50 university students had to translate a number of sentences into a simple code, some of the sentences being calculated to make the students nervous. One such was: “My family does not respect my judgment.” The uneasiness this idea caused has an immediate effect on the students’ thinking power. It took them longer, and with 50 percent more errors, to code all such loaded sentences than the neutral ones.

When you find a simple problem perplexingly difficult, ask yourself whether some element in it is upsetting you—perhaps it merely reminds you of something unpleasant. A salesman may delay a call, for example, because the customer reminds him of someone he fears or dislikes. Just recognizing a block of this sort will often help clear your mental circuits.

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Journey; Live in Manila!

Sunday: 2009年 3月 15日, 20:07 PM    

😀 YES!!! At first I thought I won’t be able to watch Journey here in Manila (the venue is at the back of SMX convention center at SM Mall of Asia), but I just did! :3 Hahahah, I’m so happy that I was able to attend the concert, and even if I’m located at the Bronze row which is the row for the less fortunate people hahah, I am so enthralled like hell! Arnel is like a kid on stage singing and running from here to there, jumping off as if he has a spring on his feet! Neal got a total kick ass guitar solos! Deen, oh Deen is such a great drummer and he sang 3 songs! Hahahah! Jonathan has one piano solo and one harmonica solo! Jon is quite expressive on harmonica and so on the piano. Ross, I haven’t seen Ross upfront XD but these guys really rocks!

If ever that there will be a concert here again next year (whatever band/solo artist), I will be sitting in front with the VIPs! 😀 And then, I have another regret… I didn’t get any souvenir from that concert! Even the ticket because that guy didn’t give the ticket back to me even though I can use the other half when I get outside the premises! I just can’t believe that they’re doing that so their friends could enter the concert for free with those tickets they’ve stolen. Corruption at its finest, that’s why Philippines is such a laughing-stock (sad truth). My only souvenir are the things I’ve seen by my naked eyes and the sounds and uproar that I’ve heard that night!

Arnel is a bit of a comedian though… he kept asking people if we want some more (well obviously we really do!) when he didn’t noticed that Neal and the gang already left the stage! XD Then he said “Hindi ko napansin iniwan na pala nila ako, masyado akong ganado.” and then Neal went back on the stage. One encore for three songs I might add, and they started the concert with their song on the Revelation album which is the Never Walk Away and ended it with the song Be Good to Yourself (if I’m not mistaken). They started the concert at 8:30 PM but the ticket says 8:00 PM, I didn’t know that they will apply the Filipino time on their concert hahah and ended at 11:15 PM I guess. Don’t blame me, I don’t have a wrist watch, my mobile was drained and my sis’ time is advanced. And oh by the way, they went on Hard Rock Cafe after the concert in Makati and that’s the place where they did the signing ups of autographs. It’s just sad that I didn’t go there because it’s already 11:30.

The VIP row is full! The Gold row is also full! The Silver row is almost full… the Bronze row is CROWDED!!! XD It’s a one good night with Journey. I wish there will be a tour again next year! ^_^

EDIT: 03/16/09
Version 5: TYRANNY – there, because of so much hang-over and overwhelmed, I’ve forgotten to insert the updates about the 5th version of my blog’s layout. Hahaha!

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